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ANNOUNCEMENT NO.  19-23                                                                 OPENING DATE:         27 Mar 2023

CLOSING DATE:      Open till filled

Applications are being accepted for the position listed below. When applying, refer to this announcement by number. For further information, contact the Aviano Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) at DSN 6328328 or commercial 0434308328. The Application Form U-A714 can be downloaded from the CPO website www.31fss.com/civilian-personnel-section by clicking on “Forms and Information”; the application form will be found at the bottom of the list of document. It will need to be filled out and e-mailed with pertinent documentation to the following address: 31fw.LNstaffing@us.af.mil . Applicants will need to ensure they receive an e-mail from the Aviano CPO indicating that the documentation has been acquired; otherwise they will need to call immediately commercial 0434308328

TITLE, SERIES, GRADE AND SALARY: Civil Engineer, Q-0810-Q2/01 Trainee

(Permanent – 40 hours per week) Monthly gross salary euro 3.627,99

Q-Q2             BP pm euro 1.537,73 3EL pm euro 1.461,59 CONT pm euro 534,66

USFD  pm euro  83,68 (if applicable)

Monthly gross salary euro 2.847,49

U-01 Trainee     BP           pm euro 1.179,23

3EL        pm euro 1.053,68 CONT    pm euro              531,04

USFD      pm euro       73,21 (if applicable)



LOCATION: 31st Civil Engineer Squadron, Operations Flight, Operations Engineering/CEOER, Aviano Air Base, Italy

MAJOR DUTIES: The primary purpose of this position is to serve as a professional civil engineer, performing operations and maintenance (O&M) engineering duties in support of a military installation. Performs planning and design work for substansial sustainment, modernization, repair, improvement, renovations and construction projects for real property facilities, pavements, including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of civil engineering. Prepares, develops or reviews design calculations, cost estimates, schedules, underlying analysis, technical drawings, and specifications related to a wide variety of projects and systems to include airfields; roadways; site/area development; drainage; foundations; structures; transportation; drainage and other systems of major size and complexity for use on a military installation, airfields, multi-story office buildings, large utility plants, hospitals, hangars, flight simulators, and similar structures. Work requires the adaptation of standard civil engineering practices on more complex features. Typically is assigned projects of considerable difficulty, containing combinations of unusual features, requiring significant departures from previous approaches. Evaluates design objectives and identifies most economical and efficient procedures for building and utility civil design and performance, considering all functional and aesthetic requirements. Applies standard civil engineering theory and practices to create engineering solutions without technical instruction or guidance and identifies limits of the problems involved. Contributes to the development of graphic presentations, construction


documents, engineering studies, cost estimates, gantt charts and strategies to communicate with stakeholders. Develops statements of work and other documents necessary to support contract solicitation from various contracting agencies. Coordinates all design phases with appropriate stakeholders, managers and staff elements. Incorporates knowledge of other engineering disciplines and architecture in development and management design concepts and projects. Provides guidance to team members, monitors their progress throughout the project, and gives input to supervisors on performance. Prepares project time schedules and cost estimates. Maintains current civil engineering data for assigned projects. Serves as a technical consultant/design project engineer on all design aspects of the project, and serves as technical expert in support of contract negotiation and/or contract administration. Serves on A&E selection boards and construction contract source selection boards. Acts as a project liaison with Mission Partners, Community leaders, the Army Corps of Engineers and/or other design agencies. Performs O&M engineering involving maintenance, repair, upgrade and operation of infrastructure facilities, including pavements and utility systems at a military installation, utilizing a professional knowledge of civil engineering. Is responsible for life cycle engineering of facilities, pavements and infrastructure of a military installation to include associated systems and subsystems. Regularly inspects, surveys, assesses and analyzes facilities and pavements to identify and project deficiencies for incorporation into the infrastructure maintenance and restoration plans to counteract wear from use and aging and ensure code compliance of infrastructure facilities/utilities. Utilizes civil engineering techniques and processes to decipher installation and program requirements into engineering solutions. Supports or serves as Activity Management Plan (AMP) Manager, responsible for developing short and long range facilities and infrastructure priorities and requirements. Facility, pavements and infrastructure requirements prioritized based on risk to mission, life cycle replacement and return on investment taking into account both manpower and financial resources required to sustain the asset. Ensures planned and prioritized requirements comply with published business rules to they tie into Air Force AMP framework and can be used to advocate for resources at the Air Force Corporate Board. Determines mission criticality of specific systems, facilities, components and accounts for its impact on installation and agency missions when developing replacement plans, schedules and criteria and sustainment actions either by contract or in- house. Plans, programs, budgets and executes required projects in support of assigned programs. Manages projects for new construction, renovations and improvements to real property facilities and maintains surveillance over in-house labor or construction contractors utilizing a professional knowledge of civil engineering and knowledge of other engineering disciplines to ensure overall compliance with project requirements. Provides consulting services and project coordination. Coordinates projects with other engineers in a variety of disciplines, architects, and planners as well as contracting officers, tenant organization representatives, and construction agents such as from private contracting companies, Army Corps of Engineers, AF Civil Engineer Center, and AF Installation Mission Support Center. Applies knowledge of other disciplines to determine coordination required to ensure all design and constructability considerations have been addressed. Collects data and evaluates factors which affect the application of concepts, principles, theories, and methodsrequired to observe, examine, measure, analyze, map, and describe physical and technical features and phenomena. Complies with health, safety, and environmental rules and procedures and performs work in a manner thatenhances the safety of the work environment. May be required to travel by military and/or civilian aircraft in the performance of official duties. Position is subject to work at height. For further information, please contact the Civilian Personnel Office.


Reference Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standards


QUALIFICATIONS: Interested applicants must possess professional knowledge of engineering principles and concepts acquired through a “Laurea del vecchio ordinamento” or “Laurea di secondo livello” in the specific discipline i.e. “Ingegneria Civile”, plus 1 (one) year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level and which has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the position to be filled, such as: 1) Professional knowledge of civil engineering concepts, principles, practices and familiarity with architectural and other engineering disciplines; 2) Knowledge of a broad range of engineering and construction standards, methods, practices, techniques, materials and equipment to determine compliance with federal, state, local codes and regulations; knowledge of standard contracting regulations, practices and procedures as it relates to facilities engineering; knowledge of health, safety and environmental requirements as outlined in applicable standards, regulations and/or technical orders; 3) Knowledge of automated data processing concepts, systems capabilities and economic usage to effectively accomplish assigned functions; knowledge of program planning and budgeting cycles, financial control, budget systems and management; 4) Knowledge


of aesthetic and functional design techniques and skill in preparing project documentation, to include preliminary drawings, sketches, construction drawings; technique/skill in drafting sufficient to convey design concepts, idea and formulate working drawings; 5) Ability to analyze, interpret and apply rules, regulations and procedures in a variety of situations and recommend timely and economical solutions; 6) Ability to plan, conduct and record site/facilities survey and inspection.

Excellent command of the English language is required, subject to testing. Applicant must possess a valid Italian Driving License type “B”.

The selected candidate will need to obtain the fit for duty evaluation for the specific position for which considered. The assessment will be conducted during the pre-employment medical exam, IAW Lgs. D. 81/08.



THEIR OFFICIAL PERSONNEL FOLDER. Submit an amendment with USAFE-AFAFRICA Form 10, if necessary. Experience which is not on file at the closing date of the announcement will not be considered.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: All qualified candidates will receive equal consideration for this position without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin or physical handicap. The supervisor having jurisdiction over the vacancy will be responsible for selection.



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La Base di Aviano ricerca un Ingegnere Civile (CIVIL ENGINEER).

Tipo di contratto:  Tempo pieno, tempo indeterminato

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