Centro Internazionale Scienze Meccaniche – CORSI DI FORMAZIONE – Programma 2022 –

International Centre for Mechanical Sciences



·  Composite Manufacturing Processes: Analyses, Modelling and Simulations
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2201/
Coordinated by Philippe Boisse and Luise Kärger
May 2–6, 2022·  Mechanics, Tribology in Manufacturing Processes
Advanced Professional Training – http://www.cism.it/courses/A2201/
Coordinated by Niels Bay and Pierre Montmitonnet
May 9–13, 2022·  Physically Based Modelling of Superconductors and their Most Advanced Applications
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2202/
Coordinated by Blazej Skoczen
May 16–20, 2022·  Electro- and Magneto- Mechanics of Soft Solids: Experiments, Modeling, and Instabilities
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2203/
Coordinated by Kostas Danas and Oscar Lopez–Pamies
June 6–10, 2022


·  Instability and Bifurcation of Solids Including Coupled Field Phenomena
25th CISM–IUTAM International Summer School – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2204/
Coordinated by Luis Dorfmann and Raymond W. Ogden
June 13–17, 2022


·  Architectured Materials: Design Principles and Effective Properties
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2205/
Coordinated by Jean–François Ganghoffer and Catalin Picu
May 16–20, 2022


·  Exploiting the Use of Strong Nonlinearity in Dynamics and Acoustics
CISM–AIMETA Advanced School – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2206/
Coordinated by Oleg V. Gendelman and Alexander F. Vakakis
June 27 – July 1, 2022


·  Convection and Deformation in Porous Media: Geophysical and Biological Flows
26th CISM–IUTAM International Summer School – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2207/
Coordinated by Marco De Paoli and Christopher MacMinn
July 11–15, 2022


·  Materials and Electro-Mechanical and Biomedical Devices Based on Nanofibers
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2208/
Coordinated by Tomasz A. Kowalewski and Alexander L. Yarin
July 18–22, 2022


·  Fluid Flow and Phase Change of a Solid
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2209/
Coordinated by Michael Berhanu and Sylvain Courrech du Pont, Piotr Szymczak
July 25–29, 2022


·  Mechanics of Smart and Bio-Hybrid Gels: Experiments, Theory, Numerical Simulation
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2210/
Coordinated by Mattia Bacca and Alessandro Lucantonio
August 29 – September 2, 2022


·  Natech Risk: Management Strategies and Resilience Towards Technological Accidents Caused by Natural Events
Advanced Professional Training – http://www.cism.it/courses/A2202/
Coordinated by Valerio Cozzani and Fabrizio Paolacci
September 5–9, 2022


·  Sports Physics and Technology
27th CISM–IUTAM International Summer School – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2211/
Coordinated by Christophe Clanet and Anette Hosoi
September 19–23, 2022


·  Mechanics of Strongly Inhomogeneous Multi-Component and Multi-Layered Structures
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2212/
Coordinated by Holm Altenbach and Danila Prikazchikov
October 3–7, 2022


·  Data-Driven Mechanics: Constitutive Model-Free Approach
Advanced Course – http://www.cism.it/courses/C2213/
Coordinated by Michael Ortiz and Laurent Stainier
October 10–14, 2022